Isolated blocks ICF construction system

Project Description

The definition :

It is a sheet of polystyrene or prefabricated cork that was assembled to be plastic (to determine the distance between the two plates). It is designed to accommodate all iron diameters according to what is required for construction (ready moles). The concrete is poured between these two plates after placing the reinforcing steel horizontally and vertically as required.

To produce a reinforced concrete wall insulated from both sides that the durability of the reinforced concrete wall is much larger than the columns.

And that this wall must be based on the basis of a strip linked to be identified and measured and thickness by the structural engineer.

System Features:

Building in this way features many advantages, the most important of which are as follows:

  1. Thermal insulation: Its thermal insulation industrial is from 0.32 to 0.22.
  2. Sound insulation: Provides excellent sound insulation.
  3. Build Speed: Helps reduce the time needed by the project to build by 60%.
  4. Reducing Employment: Helps to reduce employment by almost half.
  5. Reducing the percentage of damage: The rate of damage can be reduced significantly, especially if the engineering model was used in the design of spaces.
  6. Reduce the amount of concrete used to pour the ceiling.
  7. Reduce cooling energy: reduce the energy needed by the construction to 40%
  8. Reduction of electricity consumption: The electric power is reduced by not less than 60% compared to the buildings built by ordinary roads.
  9. Increase the shelf life of the building.
  10. 10.Earthquake resistance.
  11. 11.Flexible construction and finishing: The system can be used for building up to 20 floors.
  12. 12.Compliance with green building standards.
  13. 13.Compliance with US and European construction standards.

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