Holy Horse Courses System

Project Description

The definition :

Is a hollow concrete slabs produced in special laboratories and pre-stressed and pre-caste, which is one of the best structural solutions created by the design and engineering implementation where the innovation has provided an excellent solution for the time required to implement the ceilings no later than the day or two with high quality industrial It is controlled by the factory and has a very economical cost. It eliminates the traditional reinforcing steel. It also eliminates the wood moles and scaffolds necessary for the construction of the ceilings, saving the time and effort and the materials needed to produce ceilings of very high reliability and can be used for spaces up to 16 m.

Production method:

It is produced in the laboratory with a width of approximately 120 cm, length and thickness according to the desired design. The products are as follows:

500MM – 400 MM- 300 MM- 250MM- 200MM- 150MM


Feasibility and use:

Given that more advanced prefabricated concrete slabs and slabs are produced, hundreds of thousands of square meters can be produced annually in factories to enter the construction of buildings such as housing projects, commercial centres, schools and hospitals, and construction of bridges and other types of construction. The hollow tiles result in a quick economic solution to repetitive roles.

For both concrete bearing walls and structural structures, these tiles can be used as part of the prefabricated prefabricated concrete system or in the on-site buildings.

And its most important technical and economic characteristics :

  1. Can be used with normal construction system and all advanced wall systems.
  2. Availability in the total weight of the building.
  3. Availability at the time the contractor needs to implement the project.
  4. Provide greater roof insulation (thermal insulation and sound insulation).
  5. The long hot can work up to 20 meters.
  6. Provides flexibility in design.
  7.  High fire resistance.
  8. Availability of conventional iron consumption in normal installations.
  9. No need for wood or metal wrenches in construction.
  10. 10.No need for skilled technical workers (blacksmith or carpenter), which reduces the cost of construction.
  11. 11.The flexibility and speed of capital turnover for investors in real estate.
  12. 12.The lightness of the Holocene reduces the weights affecting the structure of the structure or the soil.
  13. 13.Easy to increase the number of roles of the establishment due to light weight.
  14. 14.Ease of transport, installation and installation.
  15. 15.Which helps the decorator to innovate and innovate.
  16. 16.Provide large space without the need for columns.
  17. 17.The beauty of the final shape suitable for all kinds of different finishes.

Popular degrees are in systems engineering, computer engineering, and computer science