3D Panel

Project Description

3D Panel Technology

This plant is for the production of insulated panels called 3D Panel and the production in this plant, from the production of cork to the production of insulating board ready for use in the construction of this system,

It is a sophisticated building system widely used throughout the world. It is designed to use materials that combine the structural and physical properties required in the facilities as an alternative to the traditional materials used. It is a system based on the use of polystyrene sheets, which is enclosed between two layers of iron with 60 kg Square meters.

BeNet – Moulding Machine

Technical Specifications

Standard configuration

1600*1350 mm

Steam consumption

9 kg / cycle

vapour pressure

2 m3 / cycle

Water consumption

50 – 180 kg / cycle

Time cycle

70-100 s

Electric load

16.1 kw

the total weight

7000 kg

Total size

5000 * 2300 * 3400 mm


BeNet – Expander

Technical Specifications

Product density

10 – 40 kg / m3


350- 950 kg/h

Steam consumption

200-300 kg / h

vapour pressure

20 – 30 kg / h


230 kw

the total weight

3200 kg

Total size

2900 * 4500 * 5900 mm


BeNet – Silos

Technical Specifications

Size 2500 * 2500 * 2500 mm

Made of the finest materials


BeNet – Air Cooling block Moulding Machine

Technical Specifications

Block size

3000*1200*600 mm

Density of the block

7 – 30 kg / m3

Steam consumption

300 – 400 kg / h

air pressure

14 – 20 m3 / h


8 kw

Machine dimensions

5100 * 2300 * 2100 mm

Machine weight

5000 kg


BeNet – CNC Cutting Machine

Technical Specifications

5000 * 3500 * 2600 mm

Machine dimensions

4 *2000 * 1200 * 1000 mm

Effective workspace

10 kw


850 kg

the weight


BeNet – steam Boiler

Works with natural gas or liquid fuel with steam gas with heat insulation material with all accessories of pipes, locks and all other bonding materials.

BeNet – Water Pump

Used to prepare water for the forming machine and the drying machine and help the drying speed of the product.


BeNet – Pipe System

Used to connect all production lines as needed.

BeNet – Single 3D Automatics Welding Machine

It consists of three parts: automatic welding machine, main control panel and hydraulic pressure station.

As you might expect, the ability to roll back the upgraded firmware to an earlier version does come with some caveats and considerations that need to be taken into account before diving in