3D Panel Technology

Project Description

Is a sophisticated construction system widely distributed throughout the world designed to use materials combining the physical and physical properties required in the facilities as an alternative to the traditional materials used, an Italian system called the system of Needed. It is based on the use of panels made of polystyrene (cork), which is 15 to 30 kg per cubic meter. It is confined to two layers of iron with a force of 60 kg in square meters.

3D Panel Specifications

  1. thermal insulation
  2. The insulation capacity of the panels is three times the conventional construction. This reduces heating and air conditioning costs, does not allow heat conduction, and does not allow steam condensation.
  3. Sound insulation
  4. The acoustic insulation level is reduced to 6 times the conventional construction.
  5. firefighting
  6. The single-plate temperature resists for 120 minutes at a temperature of 1000 ° C.
  7.  Durable and effective protection.
  8. Lightness of transport and construction.
  9. Lower construction costs
  10. 10.This type is low cost compared to conventional construction and provides 30 to 40%.
  11. 11.Earthquake resistance.
  12. 12.Flexibility to implement any scheme easily.
  13. 13.Reduces the length of work required to build the residential unit to 60% of the normal period with all works, noting that the installation of walls and ceilings for a two-storey residential unit does not take more than two weeks

But are many of these words likely to find their way into the oxford english dictionary, or into our current english dictionaries