Concret industrial BeNet Company

is an industrial company for the production of all construction products factories. 

It was established in 2005 in Syria and Iraq and continued to work on the production of construction supplies factories including Block factories, Interlock, Halter, stone paving factories, cork factories for exterior and interior facades, decorations, Prefabricated construction bridges, walls and electricity poles and continued its work until 2013 and then moved the headquarters of the company to Turkey and after the updates and developments and the selection of technical and administrative experts carefully followed the company’s work in Turkey in 2014 and seeks management The company is constantly developing to meet customer needs and provide the best services and high and advanced technologies to them

  • 2017 – We’ve restructured the company
  • 2014 – Followed the company’s work in Turkey
  • 2013 – Moves its headquarters to Turkey
  • 2005 – Company established in Syria


Has been holding deals with Arab and foreign countries and the sale of the company’s products in these transactions since 2014 to date and the volume of sales of the company 25 million dollars The following factories include Block factories, Inter Lock, Helicon, Baton, Crushers for construction, cork factories and other construction products and was sold to the following countries Iraq Syria Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Morocco, Palestine, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Greece and the Netherlands. We seek further developments and provide all services to clients to ensure the greatest potential for them.

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